Sunday, June 05, 2011

Time For A Change.

Obviously, I've fallen behind. That's not to say I've forgotten about this column, not at all. But working on my own comics has kept me from this, as well stuff at my day job has gotten in the way.

I briefly considered ending the column, I won't lie. But it was a thought that was banished as soon as it crossed my mind. However, as I did when I started referencing some minor dissections in the last part of one entry for the same book; or when I started The Rundown to directly stop doing full entries for some books, a change is in order.

I need this change in order to make this column faster to produce (not write, but produce). And what change is this? Well, I won't be cataloguing wrong eye colors, smaller accented letters, slight costuming mistakes, etc. I even won't be paying attention (and it'll be hard, trust me) to any non-English mistakes but the most glaring ones.

From now on, I will only take note of horrible writing mistakes (such as 10th Century norsemen referring to proteins) or art fuck ups (like the Cristo of Corcovado in São Paulo). Really annoying eye change colors, like one character having four different eye colors in one issue might creep in too. Oh, and my own mistakes as well. My HDSC loyal members, only report big stuff now, I'm counting on you.

And I'll keep the quote, DT, moments, cover, and picks sections too. So the column will pretty much be the same, but with only the "good stuff" in it. Thank you for your attention.

The Dissector


Donald313 said...

And I just wanted to wish you a happy 2-month-anniversary :)

Only big mistakes? No problem. You am count on me.

(You see my clever nitpick with your BIG mistake, don't you? Of course you do)

MaGnUs said...

Hah, already corrected it. This is not a column, so it doesn't count!

JohnnyDoe said...

Everything counts!

Oh, and it's good to hear from you again :-)

MaGnUs said...

Thanks for your support, JD!