Saturday, October 08, 2011

So, Protector (Noh-Varr, former Marvel Boy) takes control of a bunch (a lot, actually) of old Iron Man armors to stall the Red Skull's Nazi mechas.

Problem is... at the begining of Heroic Age, they made a HUGE point out of the fact that Tony had to sell his all of his old armors to get money to start his new company, Stark Resilient. All he had left was his armor, the Rescue one for Pepper, and Rhodey's War Machine suit. Yeah, he somehow still built Rhodey a 2.0 suit; and I wouldn't put it past him having a few older models stowed away here and there...

But these many, in Avengers Tower, after all the fuss they made out of him selling his armors? This is just Bendis being lazy and not thinking of a different way to solve the story. It would have made a lot of sense if he had old Guardsman armors stashed away, or armors confiscated from villains; stuff he couldn't very well sell because it wasn't really his.

(From The Avengers V4 #17, September 2011.)

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