Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tatooine Twin Suns

I just read Star Wars: Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost. Good book; I love being back in the New Republic era... but I did have two problems with the art... two with the art, and another with the color.

Paul Gulacy's art is as beautiful as always, he captures the feel of the Star Wars galaxy perfectly. However, his attempt to make Leia look slightly older (although she's no older than 32 at this point, and they have advanced medical tech) fails miserably. She looks great in the rest of the pages she's in, but in this particular extreme close-up, she looks... fugly.

Look at her! The wrinkles in the corner of her eyes are okay, the expression lines around her mouth too... but her teeth are too uneven, her lips (particularly her upper lip) are disgustingly thin, and her nose is crooked.

What the fuck, Paul?

Then there's Luke. Again, he's got way too many wrinkles all over his face. Being thirteen years after Episode IV, he's (like Leia) 32 years old (they were born 19 years before that episode); but he looks like he's from the New Jedi Order era, a good ten years later... and that's not even taking into account, once more, the advanced medical technology the Star Wars universe has. But his aged face is not the only thing... look at his hair. He doesn't look much, facially, like Mark Hammil, but that's not necessarily bad. The hair color, however, is wrong. That's Leia's hair color... Luke has sand blond hair... as anyone who's seen the movies knows.

I'm not even asking you to have read other comics or seen novel covers, colorist Michael Bartolo. Just watch the movies. At least the first one...

(From Star Wars: Crimson Empire III - Empire Lost #1, October 2011.)

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