Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Mammoth Is Not A Reptil

Christos Gage is a good writer... so this baffles me. This character is called "Reptil" (Spanish for "Reptile"), because he can turn into dinosaurs... but here he transforms himself into a mammoth. Yes, it could be that his powers allow him to transform into any kind of prehistoric animal... but this is the first time he does this, and not one character reacts with surprise?

(From Avengers Academy #22, November 2011.)


Francisco Sampedro said...

I never like that character, maeby cause the first time i saw him was in that cartoon "superhero squad" and think that he was an original character of that cartoon.

MaGnUs said...

Actually, he was created for the comics; but the animation guys liked him and took him for the show... and he ended up appearing on TV a few months before he appeared in comics.

I don't care much for the character, but he's a non-stereotype hispanic hero, and that's good.

Sidney said...

The writers have explained this in the letter page of the latest issue of Avengers Academy. Reptil's mind has been replaced by his future self's (with his mind in his future self's body), who can use his powers to their full potential. Him turning into a mammoth is a sign that all is not right, although you're right about anyone not saying something about it.

MaGnUs von Tesla said...

Yeah, I saw that in the latest issue. Thanks!