Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Readers Really Make It Worth It.

As you know, I love comments, suggestions, submissions, and even dissection of my own work from the readers. Well, some people haven't noticed at Shotgun Reviews (a fine site with not only comic articles, but music reviews, wrestling, TV, etc) that at the end of each of my columns there I post a link for the comments, and some, like Mean Jeff, realized it later. So here are some comments you might have not read about past columns. Specifically, columns #21, #2, #23, #25, #26, #27, #29, #30, #33, #34, #35, #38, #42, #44.

I also want to highlight some of the comments left, that really, really honor me. Mean Jeff said about column #25: "(...) I love your work, sir. Looking forward to the more frequent postings."

In that case, I'm glad to be delivering almost wekly.

Delvin Williams said about column #29: "(...) you’re the man. You should be an editor at one of the Big 2!"

I'd rather be a writer, but that'd be nice too.

Mean Jeff said about column #3: "Does this column ever get printed beyond the Shotgun site? Because it should. In fact, it should be a Newsarama feature. Not only that but it should be a morning e-mail to every writer/artist that gets their nit picked and every editor in charge of overseeing said writers/artists. They need to learn the errors in their ways. Oh yes, they need to."

My column appears here, and in the ICS; I posted it in Newsarama as a forum topic a couple of times to little success (though I did get noticed by Gail Simone for the first time); and even PMed Matt Brady to offer it, but he gave me no answer. I’ve offered to Wizard and to Knights of the Dinner table; no answer either. I’d love to have it read by all the creators and editors, though. Spread the word.

Thanks all for the kind comments (but please post them in this blog, to keep them centralized)... they're really what make it worth writing this column.

MaGnUs (not The Dissector, you know there is a difference)


Fd said...

estuve leyendo tu perfil

no tenía ni idea

bah, un poco sí pero no tanto

dónde puedo ver algo de tu material
impreso u online?


MaGnUs said...

Fede, thanks for the interest. You can read my Dissector column weekly here, and it's also mirrored in and Shotgun Reviews.

In both of those sites you'll also find reviews and articles on other subjects, Shotgun even has stuff on scifi and soon music from my part.

In Spanish, mosth months I publish an article about comics, RPGs, scifi or the like in Nosolorol. As for printed stuff, you can go to and search "Contagion: War Stories", that's a book with one of my short stories in it.