Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Nitpicker Is No More! Long Live The Dissector!

Dissect: 2. to analyze and interpret minutely.

The Nitpicker doesn't exist anymore, but as you can see, it's not really gone, just renamed and with a new look. Now it's called The Dissector, and the best thing about the new look is that snazzy logo designed by my lovely and talented friend Nysie. Thank you Nysie, you now have the honorary rank of Admiral in the newly renamed Honorary Dissector Scout Corps... so it's doubly honorary...

The layout and colors haven't changed, I just made the central column wider so there's more text per line. Of course, anything named after The Nitpicker will have its named changed to reflect the new name. If you are coming in through the old address, you'll see that it auto-redirects you to the new site. I don't know what'll happen with feed subscriptions, but since I made a post on the old address that includes the link, you'll know to update your subscriptions accordingly.

Why the change? Well, almost accidentally I learned of the existence of Phil Farrand, the Nitpicker's Guild, and Nitcentral. Phil and his band have been doing what I do for comics, but TV shows and movies, mostly science fiction. He started in 1993 with Star Trek TNG, and the Guild has been finding plotholes and mistakes in shows ranging from Monthy Pithon to Dragon Ball.

I didn't feel it was right of me to use the name I did when these guys had started more than a decade before I did, and I'm in no way associated with them. Furthermore, the image I was using as a logo didn't look very professional, and it only featured a Marvel character, when this column is about any and all comics I get my hands on.

Don't fear, the quality won't decline, I will in fact strive to perfect my craft everyday. Thanks for reading.


The Guvnor Paul C said...

That's pretty cool of you MaGnUs I have to say. Well at least you didn't call yourself "New Nitpicker" which seems to be the current trend. Will you be starting with a new number 1, kind of a pity if you are since you are so close to the landmark 50th edition? We'll just have to wait and see.

By the way I loved the logo. What's cooler than a guy in a hot tub with two chicks! Looking forward to the next column.

MaGnUs said...

New numbering? No, not at all. I think I've ranted a bit about new issue ones when they're not necessary (New X-Men, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, New Excalibur, etc, etc).

The logo was cool, yes, but you gotta admit it was kind of cheap. I just cropped an image from Wha Huh? and slapped a crapy logo on it... not very original, not to mention that it was Marvel-centric.

Thanks for the kind words.