Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creator sighting!

Okay, editor sighting, actually, but I need to keep a format here... James Lowder, editor for Mercy Sparx e-mailed me to let me know that "For what it's worth, issue #1 of Under New Management was given out as the Free Comic Book Day issue of Mercy this year. That came out long before this issue, #4 of the first series, saw print. UNM #1 may be re-released as a repackaged #1, but, technically, it's out there already. Hence the mention of UNM issue #2 as the next issue in the pipeline."

You make a good point, James, but I didn't remember Under New Management's FCBD issue; and some people are not even aware of it; and while it's not technically wrong, I can still consider it a dissection. It does, however, get a lower rating, from 5 to 3 Bazzars.

James also mentions that The Dissector is a "Very funny column, by the by.", and that this is the "First time I've seen the column. I will be reading along from now on, though.". Thanks James, I'd love to have you on board as a reader.

I told him that I think this is the first time I find an error on a DDP title; and he told me that he's glad for that, and that Mike O'Sullivan and Cody DeMatteis deserve the bulk of the credit for that. Thanks again for the kind words, James.

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