Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bats & Xs.

A post with stuff from four different books... let's see...

Writer Peter J. Tomasi could have chosen a better name for Batman's training room.

(From Batman And Robin #5, January 2012.)

Next, M gets trolled:

(From X-Factor #230, January 2012.)

Now, why do superheroes in the Marvel and DC universes keep disbelieving in the supernatural, when they encounter it week in and week out?

I think writers like Gail Simone should stop with those lines. Disregard Batgirl's pose... And next, how does a simple GCPD detective afford an appartment like that?

(From Batgirl #5, January 2012.)

This next thing, by writer Nick Spencer, is what I call bullshit:

Really? Because Stryker's powers are talking to technology, he can talk to a bioengineered gene? Pfft...

(From Ultimate Comics X-Men #6, January 2012.)

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