Thursday, January 05, 2012

Avengers Resemble!

Just read Avengers Annual #1 (from the current series), and I found some dissections. These days, I only focus on large errors, and in this case, some might consider the following two-dissection combo something minor.

However, I can't conceive of a high-profile letterer such as Cory Petit, who does a gazillion books a month for Marvel finishing this page and saying "Yeah, this is perfect." and then an assistant editor and an editor, and proofreaders (yes, Marvel claims they have proofreaders) go over it and say "Everything's perfect!". Just take a look at these two panels yourself (I've cut and pasted so as to not post the entire page, but they were in the same page):

No, that second "electro-speak" balloon tail is out of context... it was just there, floating on its own, under Iron Man in a white page gutter...

Now, an error by either writer Brian Michael Bendis, or artist Gabriele Dell'Otto, but you wouldn't want Spider-Man fighting Anti-Venom, since even being close to him robs Spidey of his powers!

And for the finale, a Moment... The Avengers (all three main teams, Classic, New, and Secret) do the smart thing and teleport their enemies away from a crowd in the middle of New York City to an empty stadium... almost empty:

Sucks to be that poor janitor...

(From Avengers Annual #1, January 2012.)


Sidney said...

In my copy, the Thing's word balloons are fine, so it may have been a printing error. And only the top part of the electric speech bubble tail can be seen on the page of my copy.

MaGnUs von Tesla said...

I've got the digital version; weird that they could fix it for the print version but not the digital one.