Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Wanes.

One dissection, three moments. First, the dissection, since it gives the blog (yeah, it's a blog now; blogs are cool).

Someone please tell writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning that calling a flashmob has nothing to do with crowdsourcing.

(From New Mutants #36, January 2011.)

Next, Spidey reaches a turning point in his life:

(From Daredevil #8, January 2011.)

And on the Enterprise...

Look a them. She's thinking "Damn, I'm a redshirt and a woman... But..." and he's going "Shit, I'm a black guy and a redshirt!" Surprisingly enough, he beams back up to the ship without being killed by a mindless horde, while she's still planetside.

(From Star Trek #5, January 2011.)

And for the finale, Magneto puts Psylocke in her place:

(From Uncanny X-Men #5, January 2011.)

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