Saturday, August 08, 2009

Honorary Dissector Scout Corps Ranks.

Just to have them someplace neat and on their own, here are the ranks of the Honorary Dissector Scout Corps and the amounts of badges needed to reach them:

High Admiral 131-infinite
Admiral 101-130
Rear Admiral 81-100
Vice Admiral 66-80
Commodore 51-65
Captain 41-50
Commander 26-40
Lieutenant Commander 16-25
Lieutenant 6-15
Ensign 1-5

And here's the current roster:

Grand Admiral MaGnUs
High Admiral Nysie (Honorary)
Vice Admiral Snakebyte 46
Cmdr. Dominik B. 25
Lt. Cmdr. Miss Kitty Fantastico 16
Lt. Cmdr. Guvnor 16
Lieutenant Sully 12
Lieutenant DrSilent 13
Lieutenant J. Corbin 9
Lieutenant Snarf5181 6
Ensign Roy 5
Ensign JohnnyDoe 4
Ensign Bea 3
Ensign Bored 3
Ensign Lucas Siegel 3
Ensign Kal 3
Ensign Tylo 2
Ensign Shadz 2
Ensign Mato 2
Ensign Mean Jeff 2
Ensign Matt Brady 1
Ensign Paul O'Brien 1
Ensign Trasgo 1
Ensign Ilustr8r 1
Ensign leahcim 1
Ensign TokerTheKid 1
Ensign Teukro 1
Ensign Wolfie 1
Ensign Jordan 1
Ensign Gary Greenwood 1
Ensign Rodiath 1
Ensign Emerre 1
Ensign Carlos 1
Ensign Michael (Legion Omnicom) 1
Ensign Boox909 1

Grand Admiral MaGnUs
HDSC Flagship DSS Tesla


GACN said...
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GACN said...

I am glad that I could help out! :-)

Honorary Dissector Scout Corps

PS: My browser went way goofy on me...sorry about that delete.

MaGnUs said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your induction to the Corps was on column #127, last post after this one.

Emerre said...

How many badges do i have?

MaGnUs said...

I'm adding the current roster to the post.