Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creator sighting!

Back in March, when the Autopsy Awards were published, I notified all positive award recipients of their winning; as directly as I could. A lot of them responded, and that was very neat. I sent the following to Stephen Wacker, editor of the Spider-Man books:

"Hello, for your work in Amazing Spider-Man, I'm honored to present you with Best Book Of The Year: Amazing Spider-Man V1 (Marvel), Best Book Of The Week twelve weeks in the year (being a weekly book), and a consistently good read, and Best Character Of The Year: Spider-Man, great characterization and art. (And awesome coordination by the editorial team.)

The Dissector

And the other day, Steve finally replied the following:

"Thanks, Magnus von Tesla. I'm just seeing this now as I've been away from Facebook for a long while.

On behalf of the whole crew...IU'm absolutely terrified of your picture.


Thank you Steve for your reply, and my picture has fulfilled one of its purposes!!!

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