Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Teenagers From The Future Finally Available From Amazon!

Yeah, shameless self-promotion, I know. But I just wanted to share the glee, as this is my second (well, third, if you count a local magazine) printed work, and it's the most important so far because it's about a subject dear to me; the Legion of Super-Heroes, and it's a scholarly (yeah, I wish :>) essay, rather than fanboy gushing. Although I am a fanboy! And it's finally available from Amazon; and it'll be soon be available from comic stores via Diamond Distribution.

It's a book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the LSH, this is the blurb from the publisher:

"For half a century, the Legion of Super-Heroes has occupied its own, vital corner of the DC Universe – and comics fandom. The Legion’s expansive cast, bizarre characters, futuristic setting, extended storylines, and elaborate continuity all set it apart from other super-hero comics.

This essay collection, from fans and scholars alike, is as diverse as Legion history. Essays examine significant runs (by Jim Shooter, Paul Levitz, and Keith Giffen); the Legion’s science, architecture, and fashion; the role of women, homosexuality, and race; the early Legion’s classical adaptations, teenage cruelty, and relation to the early Justice League; Lightning Lad’s death and resurrection; whether the Legion should be allowed to age; the Amethyst saga; the themes of the reboot Legion; and the so
-called Threeboot’s relationship to adult adolescence and generational theory.

No Legion fan or comics scholar should go without this critical celebration of the Legion."

If you zoom in the back cover, you can see my name:

However, as you can see, the publisher decided to go with my real name (Martín A. Pérez) instead of my usual nom de plume. You can also see it in table of contents, included along with the foreword by Matt Fraction, in this preview. Mine is the essay entitled "Fashion From The Future, or, I Swear Computo Forced Me To Wear This!"

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