Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Dissector #106.

DISCLAIMER (angry creators, please read)


"Yes. I am Tesla and you are all Edison. Which means I'll die penniless & alone in a hotel room while obsessively counting my pubes." Warren Ellis, Backmater, Doktor Sleepless #10.

Well, second to last week of December, books out on 12/17. Last column's DT! was cracked by DrSilent, who correctly said that Green Arrow's original costume has red boots and gloves, unlike that flashback illustration I showed you. Before we get on with the rest of the column, let me tell you what The Dissector's Picks Of The Week were. Best Book Of The Week goes to Mighty Avengers #20; it was just a touching tribute to the Wasp, not one of my favorite characters, but a founding Avenger after all. Worst Book Of The Week was What If? Newer Fantastic Four, not because it was really bad, but because it was unnecessary... oh yeah, the art did suck.

TITLE: DC Universe Holiday Special (DC).

ISSUE: One-shot.

CULPRIT: Travis Lanham (letterer, Huntress story).

DISSECTION: Speech balloons get switched around, making the Huntress ask if a community service program run by herself is "Some sort of retarded helping program or something..."


TITLE: DC Universe Holiday Special (DC).

ISSUE: One-shot.

CULPRIT: Adam Schlagman (writer, Dr. Light story).

DISSECTION: You know, I'm all for suspension of disbelief and pseudoscience and all that, but... What the jiminy blazes is up with Shimmer transmuting Dr. Light's shield (made of, well, light...) into a mirror? Shimmer transmutes matter... MATTER. Not energy.


TITLE: The Dissector (Studio Robota).

ISSUE: 105.

CULPRIT: MaGnUs (writer).

DISSECTION: I hope this is my last self-dissection of the year... in fact, this shouldn't even count for 2008, because I posted #105 in 2009. Yeah, that's it. This is going into the 2009 Autopsy Awards files... What is it, you ask? Alex Maleev's HORRIBLE Namor had me seeing red, so I called the artist "Maalev". and Snakebyte (look kids, he's back! Good to have you back on board, Commodore-who-is-just-one-badge-away-from-being-a-Vice-Admiral!) noticed it.


TITLE: New Exiles (Marvel).

ISSUE: 16.

CULPRIT: Mark Paniccia (editor) and/or Jordan D. White & Michael Horwitz (assistant editors).

DISSECTION: Never mind the fact that, somehow, Mystiq and Cat merge together... Morph is again the topic of this dissection. Apparently, they're cancelling this book in a couple of issues... as long as they don't relaunch it as All-New Exiles, that'd be too much...

DISSECT-O-METER: 10 Bazzars.

TITLE: Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Last Generation (IDW).

ISSUE: 02 of 05.

CULPRIT: Andrew Steven Harris (writer).

DISSECTION: I was going to make a joke about how many colons these Star Trek titles have; but then I remembered that I neglected to comment on Majel Barret-Roddenberry's passing on my column. It's not comics, but it's part of our culture, and she was a driving force behind her late husband (Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry), as well as part of the franchise since the very beginning (she was the female first officer in the first Trek pilot; who had to be replaced because of network idiots thinking it was too avant garde), a character in the first show of the saga (Nurse Chapel); a great comic relief in TNG and DS9 (Lwaxanna Troi), and an ever-present voice in all Trek shows and movies (except for ENT), as the voice of the Starfleet computers. Godspeed, First Lady of Trek. Read more about her demise here.

Does it even matter what the dissection was, now? Well, I'll say it for the records: holographic life support. Right...

DISSECT-O-METER: 7 Bazzars. Also, Data's eyes are colored incorrectly.

TITLE: Supergirl V6 (DC).

ISSUE: 36.

CULPRIT: Sterling Gates (writer) and/or Jared K. Fletcher (letterer).

DISSECTION: Alura In-Ze (Supergirl's mother, in case you failed "Who's Who In Kryptonian Society") calls General Zod's men "soilders"... are those like soldiers who soil their pants?


TITLE: Tangent: Superman's Reign (DC).

ISSUE: 10 of 12.

CULPRIT: Kanila Tripp (colorist).

DISSECTION: When are artists and colorists going to learn that John Stewart doesn't wear gloves as part of his costume?!?!?

DISSECT-O-METER: 5 Bazzars. Artist Carlo Magno also gets Guy Gardner's hair and costume wrong.

TITLE: Terra (DC).

ISSUE: 04 of 04.

CULPRIT: Steve Wands (letterer, as Swands).

DISSECTION: Geo-Force's speech bubble points directly to a villain Richard Faulkner.

DISSECT-O-METER: 4 Bazzars. Also, Geo-Force's eyes are colored incorrectly. But who cares, it's Geo-Force.

TITLE: Uncanny X-Men (Marvel).

ISSUE: 505.

CULPRIT: Justin Ponsor (colorist).

DISSECTION: Look at this cover, and tell me what's wrong, color-wise:


TITLE: X-Men: Legacy (Marvel).

ISSUE: 219.

CULPRIT: Cory Petit (letterer).

DISSECTION: Professor X refers to the Jagannātha, where the word juggernaut comes from, but the accented "A" is smaller than the rest of the letters.


TITLE: Zorro (Dynamite).

ISSUE: 09.

CULPRIT: Matt Wagner (writer).

DISSECTION: I'm willing to overlook weird names that don't really fit Spanish characters, like "Immaculata", or "Pasquale"; but the last name "de la Pulido" is just plain wrong. And there's tons of other Spanish language mistakes in this issue, as usual... nineteen more in fact.

DISSECT-O-METER: 8 Bazzars. Please Matt Wagner, STOP raping the Spanish language!!! It's painful!!!
Column comes to a closing with a 6.6 Bazzars average on thirty-four dissections (thanks to Zorro up there). Before you leave, check out the Moments Of The Week, for there were plenty: First up, Crusader's story was heroic and touching... but that didn't make a difference to 3-D Man, did it?

... but not everything is lost when you wear a ring made out of a Cosmic Cube sliver:

This can be trouble, don't you think? Next up, Superman, pimpmastah!

What's Supes about to do with two underage (or at least, very young) heroines while the rest of the heroes party? Two heroines... AND A MONKEY!!! Next up, Tony pulls a fast one on Norman:

Priceless... And last, and completely least; if that's Katana, what the hell is she doing with that meat cleaver?!?!

She was recently on the TV show, but looked more like herself... who's this supposed to be, then? Beats me... we'll find out in a few weeks, I guess. That's it for now, until next time, I'll be on the outlook for more dissections, because (almost) nothing escapes...



MaGnUs said...

The DT! was cracked over at ICN, just giving you a heads-up.

MaGnUs said...

Comments originally posted on ICS.net, right after the column was posted (Part I):

DrSilent: DT: Nightcrawler's costume looks like it fell into a barrel of bleach. Either that or he''s getting married just after.

Nick S.: I think this is me getting release-dates mixed up, but the Morph/Proteus dilemma was solved in the New Exiles Annual. Good god, that's a bad book. Was the Annual released before or after #16? If before, your dissection is unnecessary. Also, it's getting canceled at #18. Thank GOD.

Also, I meant to rant at you about this earlier, but the whole 'letter smaller to accommodate the accent' thing is getting a little trying. It seems to me that the letters have to be a certain height, and having the accent on top of that would interfere with the formatting and the printing of the comic. I realize it's incorrect, but it seems to be a limitations-of-the-medium thing. And I'm sticking to that until you show me a comic where it's been done correctly. Better than them neglecting the accent entirely, eh?

In addition, I was going to complain at you at some point about the whole using Dissections 'from the vault' thing, and the lack of variety here... And then it occurred to me that I could correct this myself by contributing dissections of books instead of just dissections of you. So unless I forget, which is quite possible, I'll be scouring the books I read for dissections as well.

Also, I have no idea what's up with the DT. Colorist-things don't jump out at me, as I have very minor color-blindness. I can detect most colors just fine, but it's hard for me to distinguish certain similar hues from eachother, and I don't tend to notice things that are colored incorrectly unless it's really glaring. That said, my God, is that supposed to be Dazzler? x_X

MaGnUs said...

Comments originally posted on ICS.net, right after the column was posted (Part II):

Martín "MaGnUs" Pérez: DrSilent: That's precisely it. Badge for you, my friend.

Nick S.: I know it's been resolved in the Annual, I hinted as much in column #104 (I know you skipped some columns); also, the Annual was released on the first week of January; the books that should have been released on the 12/31, but were released on 01/02. About accented letters, it's not a limitation of the medium, and even if it were, it's still wrong... granted, if it was a limitation of the medium, then I would probably be more lenient. Examples where it's done correctly? There's plenty; it's always done correctly in comics in Spanish or French, or any other language that uses tildes or other similar marks. You want American examples? Well, as I mentioned in column #104 as well, Sal Cipriano in El Diablo V3 gets it right, probably because he's Hispanic.

I know it can sometimes get a bit repetitive; when I can, I just mention it in passing and I don't give it an entry, trying to focus on more interesting or colorful dissections for a book (as in Zorro's case). However, sometimes, it's the only error in a book, and I have to report it in the column with its own entry.

As for doing away with the marks altogether, well; while it's possible for vowels (at least in Spanish, I accept that if you're transcribing into English what a character says in that language, they're not entirely necessary; though I suspect language scholars might disagree with me), it's not possible with the Ñ, because as I've mentioned several times, it's not an accented N, it's a completely separate letter. Believing that it's an accented N is akin to believing that the letter Q is a funny O, or the letter R is a P with a penis...

Also, feel free to contribute with dissections from other books. Do mark them with spoiler warnings if it's new stuff (two weeks or less from release), please, as I like to find them myself. As for the Vault dissections, any time I don't have at least ten dissections from a given week for the column, I will keep using them.

About the DT!, in this case, color blindness was not a factor... even a completely color blind person can realize that Nightcrawler's uniform doesn't have a white chestpiece... And yes. that's Dazzler's look these days.

Nick S.: Can we take Dazzler's new look out back and shoot it? I figured if she can look that atrocious, so could Nightcrawler. XD.

Also, 'P with a penis'... xD.

Martín "MaGnUs" Pérez: Well, it's much better than her previous look (leather biker chaps, pink short hair... ugh). And yeah, the R is like a P with a boner.