Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Dissector #137.

DISCLAIMER (angry creators, please read)


"I hate airports. Prisons to tempt people who can't afford it to buy junk they don't need. Air-conditioned temples of greed and emptiness. As soon as I'm in duty-free I'm going to buy five hundred cigarettes and several brands of whisky." John Constantine, Hellblazer #260.

Welcome to the column for comics released on 10/21; which is on time, again! Nobody did spot the DT!; and it was one of my pet peeves: John Stewart's costume; the artist and colorist gave him gloves instead of bracers.

Would you like to know what The Dissector's Picks Of The Week are? Well, Best Book was The Invincible Iron Man #19; nothing spectacular, but a solid read. Ironclad. Worst Book Of The Week was Sugarshock, a lackluster one-shot by Josh Whedon and Fábio Moon; originally serialized on Dark Horse's MySpace. Whedon's script is a pile of nonsense trying to be wacky and funny, attempting to be underground (it's even labeled "Dark Horse Comix"), and failing miserably. Moon's art is interesting; but not enough to save the atrocious script.

Oh; before I forget... my good friend Jeremy Rizza (former author of the BEST comic book fashion blog out there, Blockade Boy, seriously, even after he closed it, it's still a great read) has honored me by giving me a guest spot as a character in his webstrip, Viking Zombie Boyfriend; in his Halloween strip. Thank you very much, Jeremy!!!

Here's The Rundown: The Amazing Spider-Man V1 (is it Michele or Michelle Gonzales? I'm still waiting for an answer on that, but since she was "Michelle" in her first appearance, I'll consider "Michele" wrong; also she has been portrayed with slightly dark skin, stereotypically Hispanic, and now she's shown as white as MJ?), Batman: Streets Of Gotham (Batman's gauntlet is wrong), Batman: Unseen (again the horribly gigantic ears and cape), Blackest Night: Superman (inker Ruy José is credited as Jose'; that is, with an apostrophe instead of an accent), Cowboy Ninja Viking (Spanish mistake, accented letters), Dark Reign - The List: Secret Warriors (Norman's eyes, H.A.M.M.E.R. uniform color), The Incredible Hulk V1 (Banner's eye color), The Invincible Iron Man V2 (Norman's eyes are brown, then correctly blue), Skrull Kill Krew (Norman's eyes), and Thunderbolts (Norman's eyes... and Captain America's). Dissections!

TITLE: The Brave And The Bold V3 (DC).

ISSUE: 28.

CULPRIT: Jesus Saiz (artist).

DISSECTION: This is Flash, Barry Allen, but something's wrong:


TITLE: DC Universe Halloween Special '09 (DC).

ISSUE: One-shot.

CULPRIT: Matt Triano (artist, Red Robin story).

DISSECTION: Matt; Bruce Wayne's grave is not marked; and the graves you drew for his parents look nothing like they should.

DISSECT-O-METER: 9 Bazzars for Bruce's grave. There are also a lot of other mistakes: Guy Gardner's badge, boots and eyes; Soranik Natu's badge, Salakk's... well, himself; Robin's emblem; and Spanish language dissections.

TITLE: The Dissector (Studio Robota).

ISSUE: 136.

CULPRIT: MaGnUs (writer).

DISSECTION: I credited Bill Sienkiewicz as doing "(finishes(". Badge to Snakebyte for spotting this; that's your fiftieth badge; thanks for being a loyal reader.


TITLE: Power Girl V2 (DC).

ISSUE: 06.

CULPRIT: Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti (writers).

DISSECTION: An alien (even one that looks human) causes the death of a policeman (however accidentally) and she's not held for questioning? Bullshit.

Short column; and it had an average of only 4.7 Bazzars in a total of thirty-nine dissections. Let's get this show over; starting with the Cover Of The Week:

Nothing too flashy, but I like Soviet/Russian iconography, and Francesco Mattina pulled off a nice little piece here. Now, Moments Of The Week; just two, and related, even if they're from different books and universes. First up, from Air #14:

If you're familiar with the roleplaying game Mage: The Ascension, you know why I liked this. Then, something that's also related with Mage, but that's nice on its own:

SCIENTIST SUPREME!!! Very nice, and also a lot more explicit, in its words, than the previous one. That's it for now, until next time, I'll be on the outlook for more dissections, because (almost) nothing escapes...



Donald313 said...

Okay, I´ll try again.
Not that I´ve read anything about the just returned Barry Allen in current comics (still waiting for the remaining issues of Flash Rebirth before cracking even the first issue open), but if I remember "Roter Blitz" from my old german issues correctly, if it is Barry Allen, you should see his eyes.

I think back when Mark Waid started writing the Flash comic and Barry Allen "came back" he told Wally that he didn`t really like the blank eyes of Wally´s costume. Something along the line of "seeing the eyes makes it more personal" or some such.

MaGnUs said...

You got it! It's the blank eyes; Barry's mask always showed his eyes.