Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm working on column #134; which will encompass the remaining weeks of September (09/16, 09/23, and 09/30). The Rundown is gigantic, so I'm posting it here to link from the column:

Action Comics V1 (accented letters), Agents Of Atlas V2 (Temugin is called "Temugen"), The Amazing Spider-Man V1 (one issue per week; eyes colored incorrectly, Black Cat is missing her mask in a panel, and is it Michelle Gonzales or Michele Gonzales?), The Amazing Spider-Man Presents - Anti-Venom: New Ways to Live (Ñ), Atomic Robo And The Shadow From Beyond Time (missing word in a sentence), Batman: The Widening Gyre (Batman's costume has obscenely gigantic ears and cape), Batman: Streets Of Gotham (Kate Spencer's eyes should be blue), Dark Reign: Lethal Legion (Iron Patriot's armor design is incorrect), Dark Reign: Made Men (Attuma's eye shape and color are wrong, Captain America has a ginormous "A" on his forehead), Dark Reign - The List: X-Men (various eye colors are incorrect, including Norman's, and Anole's arms are both the same), Dark X-Men: The Confession, Fantastic Four V1 (Reed's eyes keep changing color between his correct brown ones and blue eyes, there's a word spelled incorrectly), Fantastic Four Giant-Size Adventures (I don't care if this is an "Adventures" universe; it's unrealistic to think that the FF have never faced Paparazzi), Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink (no, artists don't get to choose random hairstyles for guest characters from other books), Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance (Wally West's ID is not public), G.I. Joe ("perscriptions"!?), G.I. Joe: Cobra Special (word spelled incorrectly), G.I. Joe Origins (Romulans: Schism ad again), Gotham City Sirens (accented letters, eye colors), Herogasm (accented letter), Hulk (words spelled incorrectly), The Incredible Hercules (accented letters), The Incredible Hulk V1 (Banner and Norman's eyes colored incorrectly), The Invincible Iron Man V2 (Norman's eyes), JSA VS. Kobra ("fawcett" City on a monitor), Justice Society Of America V3 (Power Girl's hair and Jay Garrick's costume are incorrect), Madame Xanadu (mangling of the Spanish language, eye color changes), The Mighty Avengers (it's U.S.Agent, not "USAgent"; and the Scarle Witch's eyes are colored incorrectly, even if she's Loki), New Mutants V3 (Utopia looks nothing like it's portrayed here), Power Girl V2 (Power Girl is caught on camera changing into her uniform... are we really to believe that she changes at normal speed out in the open?), Punisher V8 (Jigsaw's eyes are colored incorrectly), Runaways V3 (Nico is made to look Caucasian and with light brown hair), Spider-Woman V4 (wrong costume design), Star Trek: Spock: Reflections (Spock's eyes are colored blue; then go back to his correct brown color; Romulans: Schism ad), Star Wars: Legacy (you don't hack into systems in Star Wars, you "slice"), Supergirl V5 (the WGBS building is called "Daily Star" in a caption), Teen Titans V3 (Beast Boy's design is changed), Thor & Hercules - Encyclopedia Mythologica (it's a handbook, full of mistakes, mostly non-English language ones; I didn't even read it, and found about a dozen at a glance), Thunderbolts (Norman's eyes), Ultimate Armor Wars (accented letter), Uncanny X-Men (Beast does not have yellow eyes), Underground (word spelled incorrectly), Vigilante V3 (Batman's costume is incorrect), War Machine V2 (Norman's eyes), X-Factor V3 (eye color mistakes galore, in two issues), X-Force V3 (Selene's eyes are colored incorrectly), X-Men: Legacy (accented letters, character heights).

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