Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Dissector #91.

DISCLAIMER (angry creators, please read)


"When I was a kid, Nick Fury was a white man! It's so amazing that he finally evolved into something that makes sense to me. But don't worry. See? You too can grow up to be a black man!" Samuel L. Jackson, Wizard Magazine #204.

Welcome to the first column for comics from September; specifically for comics released on 09/04. Thanks to Sully for cracking the DT! from last column; the woman claims to be the SRA union rep for Jackpot, but the SRA is a law, not an organization. In any case, she'd be Jackpot's Fifty State Initiative union rep.

The Dissector's Picks Of The Week are as follows: Best Book Of The Week was again Hellblazer Presents: Chas-The Knowledge #3; just a solid Hellblazer book, and you know I like Brits. Worst Book Of The Week was El Diablo V3 #1... what a Ghost Rider rip-off!!! A bad one, too...

On a terribly sad note; I just learned that Jim H., former writer has passed away. You can read the story here; but the short version is that despite the good news we'd had lately about his health; he finally succumbed to a massive infection and intracranial pressure. My deepest sentiments go to the family; may you be with God, Nutcase65...

Nothing more to say then, but to go on with the column:

TITLE: The Amazing Spider-Man V1 (Marvel).

ISSUE: 570.

CULPRIT: John Romita Jr. (penciller).

DISSECTION: Norman Osborn's hair is wrong; he's gone way too bald in Romita's hands.


TITLE: Detective Comics (DC).

ISSUE: 848.

CULPRIT: Steve Wands (letterer).

DISSECTION: I'm pretty sure "THATDOESN'T STOP HIMFROM (...)" is not supposed to be printed that close together.


TITLE: The Dissector (Studio Robota).

ISSUE: 90.

CULPRIT: MaGnUs (writer).

DISSECTION: Snakebyte spots two dissections in my latest column, and with that, gets two badges and makes Captain! Our very first Captain in the HDSC, congratulations! The first dissection is that he noticed that I had been labeling Blue Beetle as V7 (disregarding changes in publisher, but that's something I'm inclined to do in specific cases), when it's V8. In my defense, I believe that when I checked the Grand Comics Database to find out what volume the new series was when it started, one of the volumes, either by Modern or Holyoke hadn't been indexed.

DISSECT-O-METER: 6 Bazzars. I also incorrectly named "Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man" as "Secret Invasion: Spider-Man". Also, if you want to report any dissections you can do so by e-mail (lordmagnusen at gmail dot com); or by joining the new forums, which have a special thread for dissections. Just be sure to include the book title and issue in the subject, so I can ignore it until I've actually read the book.

TITLE: Invincible Iron Man V2 (Marvel).

ISSUE: 05.

CULPRIT: Frank D'armata (colorist).

DISSECTION: Is Frank aiming for a permanent slot here at my column? Because he keeps coloring Maria Hill's hair incorrectly.


TITLE: Relatos De Ciudad Fructuoxia: El Gol De La Valija (Ninfa).

ISSUE: One-shot.

CULPRIT: Nicolas Peruzzo (writer/letterer/artist, writer/letterer in this case).

DISSECTION: Several typos and typesetting errors not worth mentioning in detail.

DISSECT-O-METER: 4 Bazzars for the worst one.

TITLE: Secret Six V3 (DC).

ISSUE: 01.

CULPRIT: Gail Simone (writer) and/or Steve Wands (letterer), credited as Swands.

DISSECTION: Spot this one, please:

DISSECT-O-METER: 6 Bazzars. Also, they use the word "adventure" instead of "adventurer".
Bloody hell! Sorry, I've been watching Doctor Who all night on my new laptop (yes, I'm happy man); and the language sticks. I was actually surprised because our average has been 3.7 Bazzars, in eleven dissections... the lowest, since column #64, a 4.1... and the lowest, EVER! Well, let's go on to the (only two, seems this week wasn't that eventful, in general) Moments Of The Week, First up, Stephen Mooney turns one of the sexiest characters in the Buffyverse into a horrible drag queen:

Good God! Death and ascension have not been kind to Cordellia! Then, Deadshot tells it like it is:

Yup, he's got videos! That's it for now, until next time, I'll be on the outlook for more dissections, because (almost) nothing escapes...



MaGnUs said...

You know what? I was wrong about the DT!; I was looking at the wrong thing... Nevermind, there's no dissection in that panel... I thought the verb "to lye" was being used incorrectly. My bad.

Lucas said...

Actually, there IS a dissection in that panel! Six-year-old-girl has one too many hyphens! It should be Six-year-old girl!

MaGnUs said...

Yes, that's right, but I chalk it up to the way Deadshot is talking, as if making a point... know what I mean?

MaGnUs said...

Comments originally posted on, right after the column was posted:

Dominik B.:
It's not "Soder Cola," is it? Because I've seen that before. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the alternative to Coca Cola.

Could be the graffiti too, but that's illegible on your image, I'm afraid.

Nick S.: These are feelings, not this is. Also, a question... Do we still report dissections pertaining to this column here?

And in regards to the thread, what do you consider new enough to deem the hide tag necessary?

DrSilent: Somebody went a little trigger happy on the hyphens there... heh. "six-year-old-girl"

Martín "MaGnUs" Pérez: Dom: No, Soder Cola is a traditional Metropolis brand (that is also sold elsewhere), going back at least to the John Byrne era of Superman. And the dissection is credited to the writer or letterer, not the artist. It's not the graffiti either.

Nick: Nope, not that. And yes, dissections on a column's content, my mistakes, go on the comments for the specific column. What's new? Anything from that week or sometimes even the week before; cause I might have not read it. I've read all my pull list from last week, but I haven't read much of this week's stuff. Anything older, it's my fault if I didn't read it.

Doc: Yeah, that's a little funky, but not quite wrong either, I guess.

Nick S.: Gotcha, Mags. Dunno, though. No new badges for me this time. :P

Martín "MaGnUs" Pérez: You know what? I was wrong. I was looking at the wrong thing... Nevermind, there's no dissection in that panel... I thought the verb "to lye" was being used incorrectly. My bad.

Nick S.: Uh... It's still lie. The verb 'lie' has two meanings. Lye is some kind of chemical or something. But... that does explain why I couldn't see it. =P

Martín "MaGnUs" Pérez: Yes, that was a typo in my coment. "to lie".

DrSilent: Well, fine. But the hyphenation up there is definitely wrong. You never include the main noun in the string. :p

Martín "MaGnUs" Pérez: Yeah, the hyphenation is funny, but it might just be a way to reflect how Deadshot is speaking.